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Reliving Christmas

By Andrea Daly on Jan 10, 11 01:34 PM

Christmas Day1.jpgHAPPY New Year!

Hope you enjoyed Christmas and New Year as much as I did.

We decided to go away this time and I booked us a fab little cottage in the depths of Wales. Remote and secluded sounded ideal....a real get away for us all.

And then it snowed!

Not to be outdone, we loaded the car up with food, gifts, blankets, flasks of hot chocolate and a big bagfull of warm clothes.

After two and a half hours of quiet roads (clearly everyone else had heeded the 'do not travel' warning) we arrived in a snow bound Abercegir in Powys. Despite the easy driving conditions on the way down, the road leading to the cottage (described in the directions as the 'Wiggly road) was very icy and snowy, so with some slipping and sliding we made our way into the cottage.
Christmas Day3.jpg
Waiting for us in the kitchen were delicious home made mince pies and steaming hot mulled wine.

We're big fans of 'Under the Thatch' cottages, we always try our best to stay in one their restored and eco friendly cottages.

Christmas eve arrived and we decided on a trip into nearby Machynlleth....great....except the car was snowed in. Determined we threw buckets full of hot water onto the driveway and attacked the snow and ice with a shovel.

An hour later we were out and on our way to the village.

We struggled to find somewhere to park as the snow was so deep. Eventually we bundled out of the car...yikes.....It was freezing cold!

We began to walk along the High Street and it wasn't long before toddler was crying in pain. Eldest had got middle son convinced that he had developed frost bite and OH and eventually OH had to shoulder carry toddler who was refusing to put his feet on the ground.

Not we went back to the car and made a decision not to move from in front of the fire until we were due to leave again on 27th Dec.

Christmas day arrived and it was just magical. As you can see from the photos, we were surrounded by snow, there was a real tree provided for us (I always have an artificial one) and by 6am we had the log fire roaring away. Christmas music provided the back drop for the gift opening as OH and I sat sipping Bucks Fizz (Sainsburys the way)

We'd booked our Christmas meal in a nearby restaurant for later that day, so I even had time to sneak off for a long soak in the bath with my Christmas smellies and new book.

All in all it was like something out of Ideal Home magazine.

And guess what I've been doing today? Looking at cottages for this Christmas!!!

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