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This is a very belated review of a title I should have covered at Christmas.

When it comes to fitness games though I suppose it is never too late.

When Kinect was launched before Christmas I reveiwed all of the launch games apart from this one and I have to say it is worth the wait unlike some of the earlier ones.

This game puts the Kinect to full effect and actually succeeds in working effectively rather than just trying to.

This actually brings up a representation of yourself on the screen and tracks your every movement.

The detail is actually incredible with the Kinect mapping the detail on your clothes and if you stick your tongue out then so do the mini-you on the screen.

Fascinating stuff and the first real sign I have seen of just how much is left in the Kinect locker.

The game itself takes all the best bits from Wii Fit and adds a lot more, it's not the same fun theme although there are some good party games.

You choose how you want to play whether it is with a personal trainer to help you meet your specific fitness goals or you can choose different classes such as Yoga, Martial Arts, or Tai Chi.

The ability to track the calories as you burn them and physically watch yourself doing the exercises on screen is excellent and it helps having the trainer to watch also.

This is very much like having your own fitness class in your front room and once you have overcome the feeling of looking a bit daft you will love how fun and effective this actually is.

I can't fault this game, excellent execution and superb graphics and technology that really does work.

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