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William Green

Vince Cable goes nuclear

By William Green on Dec 21, 10 10:28 AM

So the headlines read that Cable has gone nuclear. He was secretly taped saying that he could bring the coalition down if the Tories pushed him too far. And he talked about using that nuclear option rather than conventional weapons.

But having interviewed him several times over the past six months, I wonder if he was "sounding off" as he himself described. And he made clear that he wasn't friends with Tories.


It may seem like science fiction and a curious coincidence given that Arnold Schwarzenegger was visiting No 10 last week.

But are defence chief worried about a Terminator becoming reality? Have a look at the UK's new national security strategy to see why I ask the question.

In terms of risks to UK security, it says: "Game-changing technologies, such as artificial intelligence, advanced web applications, and possibly quantum computing, will become mainstream in the next twenty years".

The terminator was definitely a game-changer...

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