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There's been a lot of stuff said in the wake of our former number 9's departure (still refuse to say his name) to Liverpool in January. This was all dug up again in the build up to our game with the Scousers at the weekend - with one of the main talking points being should we boo him or applaud him onto the pitch.

So here we are, the morning after the night before - there will be thousands of Mags scratching their heads this morning wondering what the hell has gone on over the last 24 hours.

Stephen Farrell

Number 9 - gone

By Stephen Farrell on Feb 1, 11 12:19 AM

Depressing. Let down. Cheated. Lied to. Conned. Just a few words that are flying around the heads of Newcastle fans tonight as our star centre forward was flogged off to the scousers for an unbelievable fee of over £35million.

Just when you thought everything was going well (almost too well) something has to go belly up doesn't it? Reports are flying around that Andy Carroll has given Steven Taylor a broken jaw in what news outlets are calling "a training ground incident".

Stephen Farrell

Back to the top. Again.

By Stephen Farrell on Nov 2, 09 09:52 PM

Well that wasn't the most convincing performance you are ever likely to see was it? We spent good spells of the match on the back foot, but as I have said on a number of occasions this season....three points is three points.

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