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Making the glass storage safer

By Inge Panneels on Mar 29, 10 12:49 PM

WE ARE all scared that the precious stacks of glass might befall a horrible accident so with Tim's help, we construct a more secure box for each stack of layers. If one were to fall now, it should no longer create a domino effect.

29 March new safer storage of components.jpg

The print pieces are almost complete. We are trying to get the print run to be complete before we break for a few days over Easter.

A SAMPLE piece of half the size is to be prepared to test the firing cycle of the kiln before we put the actual glass in it.

The large kiln is prepared by leveling it, the bottom elements switched off, the kilnshelf prepared and then carefully the glass is loaded and a mould constructed around it.

This will go in the kiln for a week.

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